Why Siding Matters

A ton of people find themselves ready to sell their home and start over, but are in a place where they need to increase the value of their home before they can move on. For instance, let's say you got a new roof two years ago after a big hail storm, but the siding and windows don't really match the roof anymore. Or, you replaced windows to become more energy efficient, but now you are noticing that the eaves and siding are rotting in places.

Let's talk about how replacing the siding on your home could increase the value of your home by up to 76.7% of the projected project cost!!! In other words, if the project is priced at $15,072, you could get up to a $11,554 return when you go to sell the house. By replacing the siding, you can enhance curb appeal, increase your asking price, and attract more buyers. It also contributes to the energy cost, or efficiency, of the home. Wouldn't it be nice to have comfort in knowing you can get more for your home?

Now let's talk about the importance of siding, because when you put yourself into the buyer's shoes, it's probably something that will be important to you when looking for a new home. When a person applies for an FHA loan on a house a HUD-approved appraiser has to do the inspection. If that appraiser raises a red flag over peeling exterior paint or something like rotting eaves and siding, the loan gets put on hold and can't be pushed through until those damages are repaired. Picture yourself as the seller at this point in a transaction. You settled on the best offer for your home and now you have to go in and spend unexpected money just to actually sell it.

Let's get ahead of the game before you list your house or have it reappraised  and replace the siding now!

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