Tips for hanging christmas lights on your roof

Tis the season to be jolly... AND pull out your latter and hang Christmas lights! (cue the sad faces) Don't let a frustrating experiencedampenyour holiday mood!


  • Make A Plan - try to map out where all you want to hang your lights and measure. That way you don't have to "wing it" and can have the correct amount of lights you need. Nothing is more frustrating than having to go to the store several times. 
  • Lay Out Lights - untangle and lay the lights out on your front lawn, that way you will have them ready when you start hanging! (also test them!)
  • Set Up Your Ladder - grab your extension ladder and make sure you put it on flat ground. Make sure your ladder is at a safe angle that you feel comfortable with. 
  • Install Light Clips - these awesome clips work if attached to either shingle or gutters. You can either hang them up before you put up your lights, or attach a bucket of clips to your ladder and do it as you go. We like the 2nd option because you only have to do one trip on the ladder. 
  • Hang Lights - attach your lights to the clips and turn them on to appreciate your work!

We hope you and your family have fun decorating for Christmas! If you need any help with your roof this winter - you know who to call. 

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