Fall is here! how to clean your gutters

Fall is finally here... the leaves are falling, the weather is cooling, and football season is in full swing!

Speaking of leaves falling - let's talk about your gutters! It is important to keep your gutters clean so the rain water can drain properly and doesn't damage your home. Clogged gutters also are prone to pests, rodents, and mold. Since the weather is a bit more mild, it is the perfect time to get them all cleaned out.

Some Tips:

  1. Wear long sleeves to protect your arms
  2. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands

Here's How:

  1. Use a sturdy extendable latter to get above the gutters.
  2. Use a plastic gutter scoop to clean out debris.
  3. Place a trash can below you so you can drop in debris.
  4. Once gutters are clean, flush with a water hose.
  5. Done!

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