Buying a home this spring? Check the roof!

Shopping for a home is both exciting and stressful! When you finally find the perfect home make sure you take a good look at the roof. Here are some pointers....

  • Step back and take a good look at the shingles you can see. Are any missing? Are they curled at the ends? Does the roof appear flat or does it seem to sag? Make sure to look in the front and back and call us with any concerns.
  • How old is the roof? Take a look at your sellers disclosure and find out how old the roof is. Well-maintained roofs last about 30 years. So, keep this in mind when finding out its age.
  • Does the home have gutters? Gutters are a huge advantage and can help prevent water damage to the exterior of your home and its foundation. If the home does have gutter make sure they are clear of clogs and in good visible shape.
  • Look for water stains. If there are water stains on the ceiling then the home has had a roof leak. Give us a call and we can check it out.
  • Check and make sure the roof has proper ventilation. Proper ventilation will protect roof shingles and remove moisture. It is HUGE in protecting your roof!

The health of the homes roof is pivotal. It is an expensive repair if insurance won't cover it. If your home inspector recommends your get a roof inspection or if you spot some of the signs above - give us a call!

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