Ways to make your home more energy efficient

Having a home that is energy efficient can save you lots of money! See below for a few tips that can make your wallet and home happy.

  1. New Windows - if you live in an older home with older windows then upgrading your windows will have a huge impact on your energy bills. Also, be sure your windows are sealed well!
  2. Choose a Metal Roof - metal roofs are extremely energy efficient! If you do choose shingle, go with a light shingle color for energy efficiency.
  3. Vamp up your Landscaping - if your landscaping is bare it could be costing you $$$. Homes with shrubs and trees save on energy bills by blocking the suns rays from directly hitting your home.
  4. Check your Roof - even if you don't need a new roof you could still need better insulation and ventilation.

These are just a few things that can help out your pocketbook! If you need an estimate on anything just let us know, it's FREE! Also, don't forget we now offer financing!

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