Metal or shingles?

When it comes to roofing options, it seems like they're almost endless - right? You have metal, shingle, tile, cedar, and then there's colors galore. How do you choose? Do you go with what your neighbor has? Probably not. Do you go with what's cheapest? DEFINITELY not. Let's hone in on two popular and easy options: metal or shingles.

Metal Roof's offer an abundance of benefits.

  • They're more durable, and can handle pretty much anything mother nature throws at them.
  • They give a smoother look. (And look wonderful on barns and farm houses!)
  • They provide a longer lifespan. Typically ranging from 40-70 years.
  • metal is more ecofriendly. Typically made out of almost entirely recycled materials makes them a little more sustainable.
  • They are more energy efficient.

What about shingles? All this good stuff about metal roof's, is there even a point in discussing traditional shingles? YES!

  • Initial cost for a shingle roof is less than HALF the cost of a metal roof.
  • They're easier to install and repair. With the option of only replacing a few shingles here or there you won't have to replace the entire roof at one time.
  • Typical lifespan for a shingle roof is 15-30 years, meaning you could essentially change the color of your roof every 15 years if you're someone who likes to change up the look of your house more often.
  • COLORS! They come in so many colors it's almost hard to choose!

When comparing a shingle roof to a metal roof, there's a lot to think about. We wouldn't exactly say its like apples to apples. But it's definitely something to consider when the insurance check comes in after damage is sustained, maybe it's time to upgrade? Or change colors? Either way you decide to go, we're happy to help!

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