The 50 year roof

Would you believe it if we said... "you may never have to get your roof replaced again!" Well, that can be a reality with a metal roof!

Metal Roof Benefits:

  • Lifespan - metal roofs are super durable, so they last much longer than a traditional roof.
  • Energy Efficient - you will not experience the mid-day heat gain which will reduce cooling costs!  
  • Fire Resistant - due to the metal material, your roof will be resistant to fires.
  • Durability - metal roofs are impact-resistant and can withstand winds upwards of 120 miles per hour!

A metal roof is a great option if you are looking for something super durable that can last through tough storms. At Arrowhead Roofing, we have multiple colors to choose from. Come by the show room or fill out an estimate form!

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