Don't let the cold breeze scare you!

Fall and winter are great. The leaves change, the holidays keep you giddy with excitement, and the mornings are beautiful. You can open your windows without melting, and if you are one of the lucky ones - your electric bill might come down a little (or a lot!). Wait, what if your electric bill doesn't come down?

Unfortunately, with the cooler days comes brisk and usually higher speed winds. It's a good idea to check your windows for cracks, gaps, and seals before the winter winds get here. Did you know the average home loses 30% of it's heating and cooling from window leaks. Mind blown, right? Typically, electric heaters are more expensive to run than the A/C, and when it's trying to keep up with escaping heat... well you get the idea. It can be rather obnoxious.

Here are some tips that show it might be time to invest in new windows:

  • Rising heating and cooling costs
  • Drafts inside on windy days
  • Difficulty raising and lowering windows
  • Double pane windows that are cold to the touch
  • Gaps and/or cracks around the frame of the windows
  • Cracks

Clearly, new windows are a huge investment. There are a couple things you can do to help maintain the problem yourself before taking the leap into new windows.

  • Remove old caulk and re-caulk around the edges of the windows
  • Fill big gaps with filling foam
  • Add window treatments to inside of windows to help prevent cold air from coming in and warm air getting out

Don't let the thought of winter coming get you down. You have plenty of time to prevent or solve your problems and still enjoy your holiday season! We do offer free estimates as well as financing once approved, and we're here to help.

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